Battery Cover for Crystal IS33 Pressure Calibrator

I see quite a lot of Crystal IS33 pressure calibrators from customers with broken or missing battery covers and so I thought I would try my hand at 3D printing since I’ve never done it before and the idea of it sounded VERY interesting to me.

Precise measurement is very important when designing something so small. The little tabs that always break are under 1mm thick. Luckily, you can get a decent enough digital caliper for not too much money at Canadian Tire or Princess Auto.

Battery Cover for Crystal IS33 Prototype

I started with measurement of the large basic rectangle shape and then measured the dimensions and position of the four little tabs that holds the battery cover in place. I tried to incorporate the small intricacies of a trapezoid shape of the little tabs, but that was reduced to a simple rectangular prism in the final version. Between the second and third attempt, I added channels on the underside of the battery cover to allow clearance for the two screw holes. I’ve always thought that the grip ribs were on the wrong side of the battery cover for opening, so I moved it to the other side.

Overall, it took three attempts to get a working battery cover that fits the IS33 pressure calibrator perfectly. Not bad for my first experience with 3D printing I think.

3D Printed Battery Cover for Crystal IS33